Dear colleagues!

We would like to draw your attention to the unexampled Russian edutainment project “ZVEROJASCHERS” (Russian transliteration of “THEROMORPHS”), of historical and cinematographic nature, targeted at juvenile audience.

Our goal is to create a popular character among kids and teenagers in one of their most favorite field of horror animals which once inhabited our Planet.

Like long time popular dinosaurs, the characters of Zverojaschers are more diverse and even more amazing. Till now only few people have heard about these extraordinary animals. This group is less studied and there are just a few rare locations, where they lived and can be found as these animals belong to the more ancient period of history – Paleozoic Era (Permian period). Exactly these animals represent an integral part of life development on Earth and could be considered as mammals’ ancestors therefore as human ones as well.

Taking into consideration children and teenagers’ constant zest for learning something new and unexplored, the creators are confident that the Project might be commercially attractive worldwide. The fascinating subject matter stirs up children’s interest while educational aspects win over parents’ minds, so they are ready even in times of global recession to spend money on the passion of their child.

The first steps on the realization of a grandiose idea which is caled « Zverojaschers »are completed: research expedition in Veliki Ustiug and Sokolia mountain (August 2011), promotional reel was presented in the greatest international event gathering TV and Media (April 2012), the exposition “Zverojaschers” was set up in Genoa (Italy) (August 2012). The project has certain regional government support in Russia. With the assistance of the regional Administration, a theme park of prehistoric animals of Paleozoic Era was built and opened in October 2012.

The following stages of the Project are completed: the brand, the characters, the logo and the global conception of development. Copyrights and patents applications are registered. For the animation we worked out the images of the main characters, determined the principal story, and invented the descriptions of landscapes. Four main characters correspond to different tempers, the intrigue is based partly on the fifth one whose role will be a mystery till the end.

The creators are sure that a scale international promotion of Zverojascher’s character is indispensable. It should be supported by advertising and souvenirs distribution. That’s how the Project will conquer the hearts of children and teenagers for ages.

Business strategy includes making a cartoon; making several series of popular science film; integrated souvenirs designing and distribution; book publication.

The project managers are looking for cooperation with professionals who are experienced in launching similar international projects. By now the project team includes a script writer, artists, science consultant, who are capable to carry out the creative part of work.


We are interested in collaboration with everyone who appreciates the Project and is ready to make a contribution with further commercial and image benefit.


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