Screenplay application. Animated cartoon series.

Genre: fantasy, adventure, comedy, family.

Mentors of Universe (representatives of hyper civilizations) are beginning the unique experiment on the familiar to us planet to model intelligent race of Zverojaschers (Mammal like reptiles).

Zverojaschers (Mammal like reptiles) are insufficiently studied group of animals, who had lived long before the dinosaurs. In fact they were ancestors of reptiles and mammals as well as of human. The majority of zverojaschers species are endemic for Russia

The created civilization in the series represents a biomechanical world of the future: the walls of houses are the highest one-celled organisms, which feed on the waste and produce electricity, giant fireflies work as lanterns on the streets from dusk to dawn; armored toads are the employees of the bank, to be more precisely they are the safe deposit boxes; the car-lizards peacefully sleep in combs-garages.

1.     Our main characters: Jack, Summy, Kakhu and others are the typical representatives of a new generation (The generation “Z” according to the theory of Hove-Strauss).

Distinctive features: spontaneity, openness and thirst for everything new, rich imagination. They are teenagers, who are looking for their path in the surrounding environment, where everything is not so simple. There are dark forces, which eager to seize control of intelligent life in the Universe.

Lemos, Titus and others are representatives of generation “X”; their distinctive features are cruelty, straightness, cynicism, the action on the result. The story begins from the moment when the heroes found out that their mentors are hiding a great secret, revealing which allows them to resolve all the contradictions of the their world and the heroes engage in fundamental conflict.

2.     The next storyline – is the story of teenage amorousness of Summy, Jack and Kakhu. Girl is interested in boys. Athlete and adventurist Jack is more interested in journeys and adventures, Kakhu is odd man.

3.      The personal opposition of Jack and Titus adds in TV series the spirit of competition, which creates many scenes with fascinating action stories.


On the background of these storylines is a huge amount of fun stories and adventures which are so loved by teenagers, for example, where the heroes are fighting against the raging monster when some characters cannot even handle their own biomechanical school desk.


Fantastic series which concern global issues of development of civilization filled with extraordinary characters which live in biomechanical world. These series have the ability to create a product that will be able to compete with the international animated projects. 

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