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We invite you to become a sponsor of cartoon series.

“The Zverojaschers – To remain sentient” is made with use of 2D technology, computer animation, HD Video, Stereo sound.

Currently, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has provided the target subsidy on production of the national film “The Zverojaschers”. The agreement number: 1976 0841/ 08.13 from 28.08.2013.  The identity of the national film #22341 from 15.08.2013.

The completion of the production 19.06.2015.

Cartoon series:

The project: family movie.

The genre: adventure fantasy.

The target audience: 7+.

The secondary auditory: parents of kids and teenagers.

At the present moment there are negotiations with the Studio ART MELL France about creating a full-length version of animated film in 3D.

The creative team of writers headed by Vladimir Kosicky one of the authors of the Idea, who has extensive experience in partnership with VGTRK(  The All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company) projects on the theme of Space, Aviation, Etc.

Directed by Alexander Chernogorov.

All rights to the idea belong to “MS RePublic”LLC


Sponsorship packages:

Basic partnership:

1) The sponsor’s Logo in the credits.

2) Thanks to the sponsor in the credits.

 Price: 9.900 EUR.


 Strategic partnership:

1) Development of the characters and options storylines with the possibility of integrating the products of the sponsor.

2) The use of adapted but recognizable logo of the sponsor in the animated cartoon series.

3) The sponsor’s Logo in the credits.

4) Thanks to the sponsor in the credits.

 Price: 19.900 EUR.


Sale of rights for 20 episodes of the cartoon series:

Price: 990.000 EUR




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